Ephemeral Existence - A Podcast

Welcome to Ephemeral Existence, where introverted co-hosts Erin and Caroline interview friends of friends to build connections, make new friends, and explore the wide world of human experiences. Each episode, Erin and Caroline chat with a new guest, learning about their passions, hobbies, and the quirky stories that make them who they are.

But there's one goal that Erin and Caroline have in mind for every episode: to find a person who has been licked by a giraffe. It's a challenge that may seem impossible at first, but through their conversations and the magic of the internet, Erin and Caroline are determined to track down someone who has had this unique encounter. Each time they reach their goal, they'll make a new one and start another season.

Join Erin and Caroline on their journey to expand their social circles and find the ultimate giraffe-licked guest. Ephemeral Existence is a podcast for anyone looking to make new connections, find common ground with others, and discover the weird and wonderful things that make life so interesting.

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